Pachinko cabinet kit for pachinko machines size 32” X 20 ½”



There is no better way to display and play your pachinko machine than in a cabinet. These machines were designed and built to be installed in cabinets at the pachinko parlors in Japan.

We are now offering a Pachinko cabinet kit for pachinko machines size 32” X 20 ½”. Boards for cabinets are cut from #2 grade unfinished Pine boards (if you would like the cabinet kit cut from other material please contact me before ordering). Kit boards are precut, predrilled, and partially assembled, this kit comes with assembly instructions and the hardware to assemble and mount the cabinet:

2 1-1/2″ Entry Door Hinges, 14 #8 x 1-1/2-in Wood Screws, 8 1-3/4”-Pocket Hole Screws, 2 #6 x 5/8-in Sheet Metal Screws, 2 2 ½-in Wood Screws, 2 Pocket Hole Plugs, 1 Ball Deflector, 1 Lost Ball Tray, 1 Ball Tray Door, 1 Lost Ball Ramp Support Left, 1 Lost Ball Ramp Support Right, 1 Machine Ball Deflector, 1 Lost Ball Ramp Right, 1 Lost Ball Ramp Left, 1 Upper Ball Tray Ramp Right, 1 Upper Ball Tray Ramp Left, 1 Upper Ball Tray Ramp Support Left, 1 Upper Ball Tray Ramp Support Right, 1 Machine Stop Left, 1 Machine Stop Right, 1 Ball Tray Front, 1 Machine Bottom Shelf, 1 Cabinet Bottom, 1 Cabinet Side Left, 1 Cabinet Side Right, 1 Ball Tray Bottom, 1 Upper Ball Tray Door, 1 Cabinet Back Bottom, 1 Wall Mount Cleat, 1 Back Top



This kit comes with a set of assembly instructions.
(Click on photo of cabinet to view instructions)

Decorate it any way you want, this cabinet was done in western theme.

How to measure your pachinko machine:

If your machine base has a lip protruding out the back of the machine contact me before ordering

Free Shipping with in the continental United States

Additional information

Weight 35 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 12 × 12 in


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