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Welcome to Vintage Pachinko a subsidiary of Pachinko Restorations! This website is for selling vintage pachinko machines from Japan. On this site you can buy restored machines or list your restored machine to sell.

We created this site to sell restored machines without the clutter of outside ads that have nothing to do with pachinkos. I don't care for these things and I won't subject you to them.

If you have a restored pachinko you wish to sell and don’t want to deal with Craigslist, eBay or a Garage sale, contact us.  Include a photo of the front and back of the machine as well as any other information or accessories that goes with the machine. We can work with you to build a sale page for the machine and the best part is the customers contact you directly.

All pachinko machines sold by others are the sole responsibility of the seller and/or buyer, we offer no recourse on the purchase of any machine not owned by Vintage Pachinko. This site is to help buyers connect with sellers of restored pachinko machines.

If you are looking for parts and accessories for pachinko machines or looking to get a pachinko restored, please visit our main web site

If you are looking for more information on and or about pachinko machines, please visit our other web site


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