Rules for playing pachinko

Games for pachinko

One of the nicest things about a pachinko is the fact that there are no definitive rules for playing.  The primary objective of the game is to win more balls, but its use is limited only by the imagination of the individual players.  But just to get you started in enjoying your game, we have devised several different games you may like to try:



 Game a

Starting the game:

1) Empty all the balls into your plastic storage cup.

2) Put 20 balls in the playing tray.

3) Put the remainder in the Feeder Tray.

Keep track of the time played.  Play by shooting the balls into the machine and attempt to get the balls in “win” pockets.  If you win all the balls from the machine, or if you lose all the balls to the machine, the game is over.  Repeat steps 1 through 3 for the next game.


The best player (or winner) is determined by the player who can win all the balls from the machine in the least amount of time.

1976 Nishijin World Ski

Game b

Start the game in the same manner as Game A.  Set a time limit of 5 minutes per game.


To win more balls out of the machine than any other player within the 5 minute game.

This game is best to play with a small number, 2 to 4 players.

Game c

Start the game in the same manner as in Game A.  Each player is allowed only 10 shots per turn.  Keep track of the total number of jackpot balls scored within the 10 shots.  Alternate turns as each player shoots his 10 balls.  Total the number of jackpot balls scored for each player.  Whoever has the most left after his turn is the winner.


To score more jackpot balls than your opponent.

The game is best to use when you have a big party with many people wanting to play.


Game D

(Players must be over 21)

Start the game in the same manner as in Game A.  Each player has a choice of how long he wants to play until he cashes in his balls.  Set up a prize valuation system determined by the total number of balls redeemed.


50 balls = soft drink

100 balls = beer

200 balls = mixed drink

Beating machine = Any drink in the house!


To get as many prizes as you can.  Earn your hangover!