Reconditioned 1972 Nishijin Pachinko Machine known as “Dual Spinners”


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This is a vintage 1972 Nishijin Model-A reconditioned Pachinko Machine. This machine is known as “Dual Spinners” as the machine has dual spinners on the main attraction on it. The background is the “Three Flowers” which is faded with water stains. It is a automatic AKA recirculating pachinko machine. This machine features: Five tulips, and 6 spinners.

This machine includes the following accessories: A set of wooden feet  for free standing, a 2 C-Cell battery holder for the powering the lights (Power is not needed for play just to light the lights to show a win or out of balls in back tray), a lost ball bin, copy of the original owners manual, DVD on how to set up machine for play, and 250 Pachinko balls.

This machine was stripped down to its basic parts and thoroughly cleaned. All of the plastic and metal parts of the mechanism were cleaned and polished. All of the original components were reused and any missing or broken parts have been repaired, replaced, or fabricated to working condition, (replacement parts have not been produced for over 40 years). When the machine was reassembled, all wood screws holding the mechanism and on the playing field were replaced with stainless steel screws. Once the machine was reassembled, it was thoroughly tested and playing field nails have been adjusted for playability.

Finished reconditioned machines may have some pitted chrome, scratches, discolored plastic, water stains, etc.  This is due to the conditions the machine has been exposed to over the years, and should not effect playablety of machine. I have done my best to produce the best quality reconditioned machine possible, but please keep these facts in mind when purchasing this machine.

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